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KJP Financial LLC (KJP) is NJ Licensed Lender Mortgage Broker, offering full range of residential mortgage, commercial loan and business finance services, The company immersed in 2010 as an Independent mortgage broker during midst of recent US financial crisis. We are small group of honest, qualified and experienced mortgage professional who are ready to help achieving your financial goal. Our commitment is to offer low-cost mortgage financing, our mission is to serve with honesty, integrity and competence and our goal is to provide best financing solutions to our clients. We pride on honesty, integrity, and service as a fundamental of business. Those same values continue today in the way we run our business, deal with our business partners, and most importantly, treat our customers and distinguish ourselves from our competition by providing information, education and client advocacy that borrowers would otherwise not receive. At KJP over 85% of the business comes from all satisfied client and their referrals. Our company is built on the principles of service and accountability, the structure of KJP enables an intimate, hands-on approach that is often times overlooked in today's banking industry.

By maintaining a vast network of partner relationships, we have access to the most favorable terms available for each specific loan scenario. Our partnered network is growing and consist largest financial institutions, smaller regional banks and portfolio lending sources. We offer one stop solution for all your financing needs, i.e.: Purchase, Refinance or Cash-out transaction. A borrower can wage earner, self-employed or foreign national individual. Our program list includes Conventional, FHA, Jumbo, SBA and Line of credit or more. The property can be SFR, Townhomes, Condo, Co-Op, PUD, Multifamily Apartment, Mixed use, Retail, Hospitality, Office or Storage space. We broker virtually any financing whether it is for home or business or both, as long as the borrower, property, product, business or investment meets all underwriting guidelines. We invite you to learn more about our broad range of services and to talk with us about your financial needs.

We appreciate all of our past clients for their patronage and welcome new clients aboard as we continue to grow our firm. We sincerely extend our gratitude to partnered lenders, investors and banks. Our professional business networks have helped us to become what we are today. At the same time we do not forget to pass our honor, cooperation and support needed to our community. We look forward to work with you. We stand firmly behind you. We make you truly satisfied. This is our promise to you.

Thank you for your business, referrals and being with us.

God Bless America.

Very much sincerely,


KJ - Kalpesh J Parikh, MS, MBA, NMLS # 199778 President KJP Financial LLC 1620 Oak Tree Road STE 9, Edison, NJ 08820 Phone : 732-321-1000 Fax : 732-907-1009 info@kjpfin.com




  •  This was my Valentine Day gift, obviously from my fiance but KJ has made it all happen. We closed on 02/12/11 right before the Friday of special day of our life I have a student loans debt of 6 figures and due to that fact earlier I was denied by one of the top US lender and other local broker in my city but later my aunt who is a realtor referred me to KJ Parikh.  

    - P.K, Teacher, Kearney, NJ,Home Purchase FHA

  •  Finally it is all over after 5 months of real hard work. As a typical short sale transaction banks or seller takes their own sweet time to negotiate, accept and execute the offer made by buyer. We actually started the process early of August 2010. We found KJ's name from our neighbor who also bought their house through him.  

    - P.K, Teacher, Kearney, NY ,Home Purchase FHA

  •  We must have had the most difficult time trying to get a mortgage to re-finance our primary residence in Monroe, NJ as we own starter home in North Jersey on which we have a mortgage on it. All banks out there want every document and detail about your financial life even before considering giving you a loan especially for self-employed borrower.  

    - P.K, Teacher, Kearney, NJ,Home Purchase FHA

  •  Mr. KJ Parikh of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX helped us to purchase our 2n house in Skillman, NJ. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Parikh as he is quiet knowledgeable in all phases of the mortgage process. He was particularly vigilant as to the daily interest rates; as a result, we locked in just before the rates started to increase.  

    - P.K, Teacher, Kearney, NY ,Home Purchase FHA

  •  Mr. KJ Parikh of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX was referred to us by our common friend, who is also one of his veteran clients. We XXXXX family live together in Totowa NJ and have different professional background so selecting the right mortgage professional was a bit challenging and collective family decision but we made it right by choosing KJ as our mortgage broker.  

    - M.K, Employed, Totowa, NJ , Home Purchase FHA

  •  It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with KJ Parikh over the past year and a half. Whether it be the most straightforward transaction or the most complicated deal that is being put together, KJ has keep the process seamless. His extensive knowledge of the market and excellent interpersonal skills make them a pleasure to work with whether you are another professional ...  

    - P.K, Teacher, Kearney, NY ,Home Purchase FHA

  •  We used KJ Parikh as a mortgage broker to purchase our first house in Edison, NJ. We both had FICO over 740 so to get a mortgage was not a concern as the rate. We did our homework on internet and later called KJ for the rates, initially he offered the same rate what we got on the net but his fee was 1/3rd lower than other ...  

    - Dr.G.P & S.P, Employed, Iselin, NJ ,Home Purchase & Refinance twice Conventional

  •  We bought our very first business last year; it was mixed use property with a retail liquor store on first floor and two apartments on second floor. I personally know KJ since 2005 and he has always advised me on when it comes to business, finance as a basics. For this particular deal he found a local SBA lender who offer very attractive proposal with 10% down on the real estate and ...  

    - K.P. Small Business Owner, Resell Park, NY ,SBA loan Purchase

  •  KJ is my office building colleague and known him for last few years. He helped me to purchase and then re-finance my first home in Freehold, NJ and later helped my business to buy a Commercial storage space in Rahway, NJ. In the past prior to knowing him I had a bad experience with another mortgage broker who charged me all hefty fees and at the last moment...  

    - R.V, Small Business Event Management Owner, Rahway, NJ , SBA loan Purchase

  •  As a being small business owner the cash is both king and crunch especially in tough economic time like this. We both business partners owns few small retail food stores in central NJ and know KJ for last few years as we refinanced our primary residence house and always liked his service. Now a day’s its really hard to get the financing for small business ...  

    - .S and R.A, Retail Business Owner, Woodbridge, NY , Small Business Line of Credit

  •  The XXXXX has a wholesale mortgage broker business relationship with KJ Parikh of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Since the partnership, KJ has sustained a solid track record of closing quality Conventional, Jumbo and FHA loans with XXXXX. His knowledge of the business and integrity are why we value him as a strong mortgage partner. We sincerely appreciate his business.  

    - J.P. Wholesale Account Executive, Sherman, OH

  •  I am a Real Estate Sales person with XXXXXXXXXXXX and have been active in residential real estate for last few years. I have been involved in a number of transactions with KJ and he has always provided excellent and superior service. KJ is one of the most professional and knowledgeable financial people I have worked with over the years and my clients truly feel the same way.  

    - H.P, Realtor, Edison, NJ

  •  I am central NJ based CPA who knows KJ for several years. Occasionally, I use his consultation and professional service along with other mortgage broker when my client asks for it. Per my knowledge and my clients, KJ has always shown a fiduciary interest into business relationship.  

    - D.P, CPA, Edison, NJ

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